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Wooden Pallets: The Environmental Impact

September 15, 2021

There are many types of pallets in Sydney available for those who are looking to buy or rent pallets, coming in all different shapes, forms and sizes and supplied by pallets’ manufacturers across the city. The most common pallets used in Sydney are timber and plastic pallets. 


It is estimated that there are over 150 million pallets available in Australia with Sydney having the biggest share, and the majority are wooden pallets. 


With climate change and global warming becoming major issues and of critical importance to Australia, there are rising concerns over the usage of timber pallets due to the various environmental implications they come with. There is a common misconception that since timber comes from an organic source (trees), it is the favourable choice of pallets when looking to become eco-friendly, but that is not actually the case, even if that was the case in the past. This is due to the ongoing development in the field of recycling, making recyclable plastic pallets more available on the market, which is also more hygienic and lighter in weight.


Let’s look at the impact of timber pallets on the environment. 

Fewer Trees in Our Forests

Timber pallets come with an obvious negative impact on our forests, with almost half of the global timber supply being used to manufacture timber pallets, even if these are not of the most value, they still put the forests’ preservation at risk in the longer term.

Hygiene Concerns

Plastic pallets are a lot more hygienic than timber pallets are, this is because the latter is porous and poses a risk of being invaded by pests as they age. For that reason, export pallets require heat treatment in order to become IPSM 15 certified. 


Plastic pallets are a lot easier to recycle than timber pallets are, mainly because of being more hygienic. Although timber pallets could be repaired and recycled, they are still far from the level of recyclability of plastic pallets. 


Whether you are looking for plastic or timber pallets, we will ensure to cater to your requirements and provide the most possible eco-friendly pallets available in Sydney. If you are looking to buy pallets now, we have got a huge range of pallets in stock available for immediate purchase, contact our team today for all your pallets requirements.