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Wooden Crates: The Different Types

September 25, 2020

Wooden crates are one of the most important tools used every day for various applications. From shipping produce to industrial products you are going to use crates, which are more reliable than cardboard boxes. While cardboard boxes are still widely used in day-to-day applications, wooden crates are more efficient in shipping anything heavy like steel or shipping produce like fruits and vegetables due to their resilience and inherent strength.


Types of Wooden Crates

With many variations available at wooden crates suppliers in Sydney, it is easier to standardise them into two main types: Type A which are crates up to 500 kg and Type B which are crates over 500 kg. A wooden crate is known by its rigid corners with planks stretched along the corners. The crate those planks come in various thicknesses.


Wooden Crate Variations:

Frame Crates
As the name describes them, wooden crates are usually just a frame of wood attached with no sheathing, which means anyone can see what is stored inside the crate. Frame crates are generally used to transport heavy machinery that does not need any surface protection.

Open Crates

These crates are manufactured using wooden planks as the exterior sheathing, with enough ventilation provided to prevent produce from spoiling.

Closed Crates

With no openings as the name implies, this crate is great for shipping materials that need to be contained to avoid any spillage.

Stitched and Wire-bound Crates

These are probably the cheapest crates available on the market, yet rigid. Their prices are low enough that they can be used for a single journey. The stitched crates are generally used to transport tomatoes while the wire-bound crates provide extra durability and strength to the container.


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