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Why Are Pallets the Backbone of Any Warehouse?

April 18, 2021

Timber or plastic pallets? Buy or rent? No matter what your business needs, there is a reliable pallet supplier that can cater to it. Global supply chain and logistics rely heavily on pallets, and without them, global trade would be like a car without tyres – immovable.

With many pallets available on the market, their primary role is to hold the product and protect it.

High-quality pallets and crates can carry heavier loads and provide better protection against damage or contamination. It is important also to ensure that old pallets are checked to not only prevent damage to the products being shipped, but to protect workers from any potential injury.

When dealing with pallet manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney, so many clients focus on the price rather than all the other factors, which unfortunately mean they go through cheap pallet suppliers which then, in turn, cost them more money due to the damage caused or having to replace their old pallets quickly. Talk to your local pallet supplier who can then advise you on the proper material, strength, size, durability, and other considerations for your needs.


Over the decades, pallets have been available for rent, but buying pallets remains the most popular option. At Cooperage Pallets, we work with our clients to understand their customers’ needs, what they are shipping and where, and how will the pallets be used, in order to give advice on the specifications of the pallets they need in their businesses.


At Cooperage Pallets, we have a huge stock readily available for dispatch including timber pallets, plastic pallets, used pallets, export pallets and more.

We understand that some of our clients know exactly what they are looking for and are simply looking to buy the pallets they need without needing any advice. In this case, they will be looking at buying affordable pallets backed by good customer service that can offer prompt delivery.

If you are wondering whether you should buy plastic pallets or timber pallets, talk to our pallet specialists now and get the genuine advice you are looking for.