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What to Consider When You Buy Pallets in Australia?

used timber pallets
July 16, 2019

Pallets come in different shapes and forms, and they are primarily used to stack and transport materials whilst protecting them in the course of being handled by forklifts or other transportation methods, securing an efficient storage and handling way.

Since pallets have different applications, one pallet type would never fit all needs, so pallets suppliers in Australia provide different types of pallets in various materials, dimensions and surface treatments to suit the required application. As a leading pallet supplier in Sydney servicing Australia-wide, we would like to advise customers to consider the following factors when they decide to buy pallets.


One of the most important factors to look at. When you buy pallets, talk to your trusted pallets supplier about the destination you’re planning to ship your products to. Are you planning on sending the products overseas? Are there any expected conditions your pallets would get exposed to? In many instances, when you are planning to ship your products overseas, you might want to buy heat-treated pallets or chemically treated ones, as those treatments would help guard against pesticides, mould, or rot.


A quite logical factor, you are buying pallets in order to carry a specific material, so you need to ensure you are buying reliable & heavy-duty pallets to support the materials you will be shipping. Some wooden pallets come in special forms to carry heavy weights, while plastic pallets, are more durable, hygienic, weather-resistant, and stackable.  The trick here is to find affordable pallets that best suit your application.

Shelf Life

What conditions are you expecting your pallets to endure? How long would you like them to remain reliable? Will you be re-using those pallets or is it a one-off shipment? Ask yourself these questions and let your pallets supplier know the answers.

Equipment Compatibility 

With technology and machinery playing a great role in handling pallets, special considerations will need to be made before ordering pallets, as some pallets’ suppliers might advise custom pallets would need to be tailored to cater for a special conveyor or other automated warehouse system.

Reliability & Custom Service

Many pallets suppliers & manufacturers can offer you high quality pallets, including new pallets, second hand and used pallets, plastic pallets, custom pallets & many other pallet types, but you will need to ensure your pallet supplier is capable enough to be able to offer a continuous, uninterrupted supply of high quality pallets.

If you need a trusted pallet supplier that can reliably cater for unexpectedly and unplanned pallets’ demand, talk to our team today, we have been in the industry for over 70 years and have partnerships with renowned businesses across Australia, so we know what it means to deliver within a tight time frame.