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What is the purpose of pallets for businesses?

June 4, 2022

Any business that handles, stores or transports products or parts will have a requirement for pallets. This is because pallets are unquestionably the only practical way to transport and handle materials, making them essential for use not only in logistics, warehousing and supply chain but also in less obvious industries such as food distribution, education, and landscaping, art and manufacturing. Not only do they allow large quantities of goods to be transported safely and efficiently, but they also protect the goods they contain. Goods packed in pallets can be safely transported en masse by forklift or pallet jack, saving endless manpower hours and can be stacked vertically to maximise space efficiency in warehouse, storeroom or shipping environments, saving both money and space.

Benefits of wooden pallets

There is no doubt that the humble wooden pallet is the backbone of the modern-day logistics industry – so why are they so popular? Wooden pallets have a long list of logistical, economical and environmental benefits.



Pallets are designed to be stacked one on top of the other, allowing businesses to use vertical space to make use of every square centimetre within their warehouse, storeroom or shipping container. 


Easy handling

Pallets can be moved very efficiently using forklifts or pallet jacks, allowing large quantities of goods to be handled with ease. Imagine how long it would take to move thousands of small items packed loosely in cardboard boxes or another type of container. Goods packed in pallets can be moved infinitely more efficiently.



Not only do pallets make goods easier to handle, they also protect the goods they contain, providing a solid wooden barrier between the outside world and the precious cargo inside. Products packed in pallets are far less likely to be damaged in transit, making them the safest way to transport goods.



Everybody knows the best inventions are the simplest and the wooden pallet is a perfect example of a simple, effective design. Pallets are designed to be lightweight, yet strong and sturdy, as well as easy to manufacture and disassemble, making them incredibly versatile and effective. Their simple design also means they are easy to repair when damaged, making them both an eco-friendly and economically savvy choice.



Considering the hours of work and square metres of space they save, wooden pallets are incredibly affordable. They are made of low-cost, high-performance woods such as pine and then heat-treated to remove any possible pests, reduce the risk of mould or bacterial growth and reduce the weight of the pallet. Wooden pallets can also be repaired and/or resold, meaning they can last a long time or be sold after use to recoup some of the initial investment. 


Environmentally friendly

Not only can wooden pallets be repaired and reused multiple times, they can also be recycled into other wood-based products once they have reached the end of their life, making them a very eco-friendly choice. 

Pallets are used by businesses in a wide range of industries to handle, store and transport goods. If you’re looking to source high-quality wooden pallets for your business,
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