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Should You Choose New or Recycled Pallets?

January 24, 2020

Timber pallets are widely used by different industries and facilities, including factories, warehouses, department stores among many others to help facilitate the transportation and storage of products. If you want to buy wooden pallets in Sydney for your business, look for a local pallet manufacturer or supplier to give you advice whether to buy new or used wooden pallets.
Like anything, each has advantages and disadvantages, so you should only look for what suits your application and budget best while keeping in mind the long term investment.

Buying new wooden pallets

These are manufactured with all-new materials by harnessing the wood from trees, then trimming it and ripping into board to the required size, whether standard pallets size or custom pallets cut-to-order.


  • Durability

These are stronger and more durable by nature since they haven’t been used yet or carried any heavy items, neither have been exposed to any wear or damage. New pallets thus would suit heavy items transportation better than the used pallets.

  • Availability

These are readily available at all pallets’ companies, manufacturers, suppliers and resellers, as they don’t depend on how many pallets have been sent for recycling, so they are usually available in larger quantities so they can be purchased in bulk.

  • Return on investment

New pallets could save your business some money in the long run thanks to their durability, so if you expect to receive your pallets back, you can reuse them again and again without having to buy more. On the other hand, recycled pallets shouldn’t be expected to have a long lifespan, as they have already been used for long.

  • Custom pallets 

You can make a special custom pallets order from your local pallets manufacturer in Sydney to meet your unique requirements and needs.


  • Cost

Clearly and logically, new pallets are more expensive than used and recycled pallets. You can still get affordable pallets at your local pallets supplier if ordering large quantities. That is the only disadvantage, since many companies would like to find cheap pallets for short-run jobs and projects.

Buying recycled & used wooden pallets

These are used pallets that could have been repaired for reusage. While providing used pallets, we still ensure the pallets are of good quality and meed the industry manufacturing standards, supplying only structurally sound and high-performing pallets.


  • Cost

Self-explanatory, these are cheaper than new pallets sold in Sydney. They are significantly cheaper and work better for lighter products and non-heavy duty applications.

  • Fast delivery

Since they are not cut-to-order, your pallets supplier should be able to deliver these quickly.

  • Environmental benefits

For green companies, recycled pallets are definitely the big thing, since they won’t require harnessing more trees and will allow extending the life of materials already in use.


  • Durability

Just the opposite of new pallets, used and recycled pallets should not be expected to last for long, and should not be used in heavy duty applications or the transportation of heavy items.

So, what matters most to you?

If you are not sure which pallets suit your application best, talk to the team at Cooperage Pallets, we will ensure we give you the right advice and help you make the choice between buying new wooden pallets and recycled wooden pallets.