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Safety Guidelines for Standard Pallets

October 7, 2020

Export and shipping pallets are particularly important in the day-to-day activity for businesses, delivering goods to businesses and consumers across the globe.  They are labelled the world economy’s single most important object with certain countries using over two billion pallets in a single day.

Pallets play a big role in logistics, storage, and manufacturing since these industries require dealing with pallets daily. As a leading pallets manufacturer in Sydney, we have put together some safety tips to follow when handling plastic, wooden, or custom pallets;

1. Choose Wisely

Different pallets are suitable for different jobs, so you need to ensure you find the right pallet for your shipment since plastic pallets could be perfect for a job while they can be the worst choice for another. The same applies to when you have to choose between new pallets or used pallets. While you want to stay on budget, you need to ensure the shipment is delivered safely.

2. Features

There are many different types within a pallet type to choose from, which we have discussed previously in one of our blog posts, comparing the different types available: two-way VS four-way entry pallets, open-deck VS solid-deck VS double-face pallets

3. Walking on pallets

You do not want to end up with an ankle injury, as it is easy very easy to slip between pallets’ slats, especially with open-deck pallets. If walking on pallets is a common practice in your warehouse, consider switching to solid-deck pallets rather than open-deck to enhance employees’ safety.

4. Personnel lifts

While pallets are sturdy, they are not there to lift personnel to reach higher shelves. Some people might argue that pallets are supposed to carry tonnes of kilograms, they are designed for distributed weight, like a cube of packaged goods, not the concentrated weight of a person standing on one.

5. Spill control pallets

Spill control pallets are critical for businesses that store chemicals in drums since they include built-in sumps that catch and contain leaks before they can spread to avoid any hazardous chemical emergencies.


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