Affordable Second hand Pallets

used timber pallets

We stock a range of second hand pallets in good condition for your business. Most established companies opt for new pallets, but for startups or small companies seeking affordable packaging solutions, second hand pallets are an ideal option.

Made from timber and plastic, our second hand pallets are sourced from companies who no longer need them. We closely examine the condition of the pallets to determine their suitability for repair or complete disposal.

Our experienced team expertly manages all the repairs to ensure old pallets are in good condition to be used for packaging industrial or heavy weight items If you are looking for a cost effective and economical alternative to new pallets, speak to our team about timber and plastic second hand pallets.

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Pallets have become one of the most sought after options for packaging goods and other merchandise for transportation. However, prolonged use of the same pallets during shipments can cause serious damage .

Old pallets can be repaired, prolonging their life and saving you money. Just ask us for a quote! Contact us to learn more about our wide range of second hand pallets used for local as well as international exports.

If you wish to explore our other options, then find more about standard pallets, plastic pallets, export pallets, and custom built pallets to meet your packaging needs.

Most new companies lack the financial cushion to invest in expensive wooden pallets. Alternative packaging solutions such as recycled or second hand pallets are an ideal solution.

Second hand pallets enable companies to fulfill their packaging needs and save on transportation costs over a period of time.  Available in all sizes and styles, our second hand pallets offer optimum performance to help businesses grow and achieve their objectives.

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Let’s Discuss:

If you’re looking for affordable packaging solutions, second-hand pallets are fast emerging as a popular option for small and new companies. Our pallets are high quality and offer complete care for your packed goods and merchandise.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service regardless of the quantity of the orders. No matter what you’re shipping we promise complete assistance in providing packaging supplies you need for your business.

Features of second-hand pallets:

  • Available in all sizes (small, medium, or large)
  • Made from high-quality timber
  • Perfect for land and sea transport
  • Durable with long-lasting features
  • Cost friendly for small companies

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