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Export/Heat Treated Pallets (ISPM 15 Certified)

September 28, 2017

Cooperage Pallets manufacture and supply a versatile range of export pallets to suit both lightweight and heavy duty goods across a variety of industries.

Available in a range of standard sizes, export pallets are ideal for land and sea freight. Our export pallets are durable and high quality and designed for long term use.

Every business has its own unique requirements, so if a standard sized pallet is not suitable for your items, we can manufacture export pallets in custom sizes.

Our export pallets meet all requirements under ISPM15 including heat treatment for wooden export pallets, and we also have a range of specialised Euro pallets for export to Europe.

We offer fast, proficient service and lead times on our pallet manufacturing is exceptional.

Cooperage Pallets also have on hand a variety of used pallets. These are a fantastic option for any budget, and we guarantee all our second hand pallets to be of top quality.

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Quality Export Pallets in Sydney

We manufacture a range of export pallets to meet your industrial packaging requirements in Sydney. Whether light weight or heavy weight items, we have an assorted range of export pallets to meet your specific business packaging requirements.

Export pallets are an ideal packaging solution for land and sea freight. They are high quality and we guarantee durability for long term use. However, if pallets are damaged during shipment we provide repair services and bring them back to their full functionality in a timely manner.

Our professional team will look after the design and manufacturing of custom export pallets to offer solutions for unique storage requirements for businesses across different industry verticals. If you are not sure which packaging solution is for you let our team offer assistance.


We manufacture a range of export pallets to meet your industrial packaging requirements.

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Quality Export Pallets

We understand that every business has its own distinct storage requirements. If the standard size is too small or large for your products, we can manufacture export pallets of any size to specifically suit your requirements. Contact us to get a free quote.

Whether it’s wooden standard pallets, boxes and crates, or any custom-made products, our proficient craftsmen demonstrate complete dedication and commitment to creating packaging supplies of your choice to meet business needs.

Each and every export pallet meets the benchmark quality standards to offer nothing but the best. We are committed to offering the finest export pallets to each of our clients to support their businesses.

We also stock a range of used pallets to suit any budget. Stamped with top notch quality and strength, our second hand pallets will offer a long lasting packaging solution.

We offer exceptional lead times, so you don’t have to worry about late delivery. We provide export pallets on or before the predetermined delivery date for your convenience.

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Wood or plastic: which is your choice for export pallets?

As a leading export pallets supplier in Sydney, we manufacture from various materials. Wooden pallets are ideal for use as export pallets. If they are ISPM15 certified, they can be used globally. All the wooden material is heat treated to confirm its long lasting usability during transport to other countries.

Plastic is another material which has grown popular in the industry. Plastic pallets are also perfect for export use and are accepted all over the world. Manufactured from recycled HDPE Plastic, our exports pallets can endure rough transportation over a long period of time.

Given the changing market conditions, companies have become overly particular about the requirements of export pallets. If you are looking for custom pallets supplies, please get in touch with us.

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Plastic vs Wooden Export Pallets

Cooperage Pallets are a leading Sydney supplier of export pallets and can manufacture from various materials.

All wooden export pallets we supply are ISPM15 certified and heat treated for compliance, and are an ideal cost effective choice for export use.

Plastic pallets have been growing in popularity and are also suitable for export use. Our export pallets are made from recycled HDPE plastic and designed for durability over long term use.

Not sure which pallet solution would suit your business best? Discuss your pallet options with our team on 1300 662 185.