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Pallets Fail: How to Avoid Them

October 14, 2021

Pallets are structurally designed to withstand exceptionally high forces and weights. Pallets have been used for decades to carry heavy loads during transport and they have been logistically irreplaceable. They are usually lifted through forklifts and pallet jacks. 

Like anything in the world, pallets require maintenance after getting subjected to heavy loads over time, which sometimes require a repair or in some other cases the pallets will have to be replaced. 

But, is there a way to extend the pallet life and avoid its failure?
Yes, since most damages are actually due to poor handling and not due to faults within the pallets, which means that careful handling would extend the life of your pallets. As a pallet supplier who offers a pallet repair service, we have seen most of the failures happen to the top leaderboards, the bottom leaderboards and the bottom interior boards. When picking up those pallets, it is important to be exceptionally meticulous and cautious to prevent any damages.

Three Tips to Prevent Pallet Failure
In logistics services and warehouses, we see hundreds of pallets shipped in and out on a daily basis. Most failures we have seen or as reported by customers have been due to poor handling, and we have actually found that they could be somehow avoided by following these 3 steps:

    1. Forklift Alignment

When done carefully, miracles happen! All you need to ensure is that when the forklift is inserted through the pallet, it is aligned properly. You do not want the forks to damage your pallets structure due to misalignment that could be easily avoided, especially when dealing with critical components of the pallets (the front leaderboards). 

2. No Dragging

Absolutely no pallets dragging, please! If you need to move the pallet, put the laziness away and do not just decide to push it or drag using the forks. If it needs to be moved, pick it up first then move it. This is a very common mistake that leads to pallets failure and damage. 

3. Insert it ALL

When inserting the pallet jack, make sure you do it completely, as this is what they are designed for. When not inserted to the fullest, the wheels of the jacks will hit the bottom interior boards, and damage them to the point they could break. 

Following these steps should extend the lifespan of your pallets, but if you still need to repair your pallets or buy pallets in Sydney, talk to our team today for a competitive quote.