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Pallet Storage Tips from Your Local Pallet Supplier

January 24, 2020

Before you buy pallets in Australia, you need to consider storage, whether outdoors or indoors, or ask your local pallets supplier about the best practices to not only keep your pallets in a good condition, but also to ensure the safety of the workers in your warehouse or facility.

Pallets in Sydney are exposed to various risks, including mold, fire hazards or falling – especially when storing large amounts. As one of the leading pallet companies in Sydney, we have put together some tips to help you stay safe and keep your pallets in the best possible condition, for those who store them outdoors or indoors.

Pallets Outdoor Storage Tips

Outdoor storage is usually a safer option than indoors. As a rule of thumb, the less pallets, the lower the risk of fire is – for obvious reasons.

Best practices:

  • Stable stacks: ensure proper stacking to avoid a stack of pallets from falling and potentially hurting someone and dispose any damaged pallets away from the stack until repaired. This includes anything from loose nails to damaged or missing deck boards.
  • Positioning: ensure the pallet edges are lined up. Never stack the pallets on their sides, always on their deck boards.
  • Distance: pallets should be stored as far as possible from any fire hazards to prevent a fire from spreading rapidly. Certain authorities require a minimum distance, so you should always check with your local government.
  • Inspection: to avoid mold, rot and pests, you should regularly rotate and inspect your pallets and ensure they are not stored in low-lying areas in order to allow constant airflow.

Pallets Indoor Storage Tips

If you are storing your pallets indoors, these are the best practices:

  • Consider using fire retardant liquids or paints for the walls
  • Don’t store your pallets in your main storage area, a separate room is preferred
  • Steel columns in the storage room should have fire coverings inline with the local laws
  • Check with your local authorities the maximum height of the pallet storage room and the requirements for the sprinkler system

Disclaimer: this blurb is not to serve as a law, but rather guidelines to start making your stored pallet inventory safer for your warehouse and workers. Check the municipal laws as local governments or organizations may have additional guidelines or laws, and ensure you follow them to reduce any risks. Remember to double-check

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