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Painting Wood Pallets? Check Our Trips & Tricks

June 9, 2020

While many customers like to buy wood pallets in their natural authentic colour, some others prefer to find a local pallets supplier then they can style their pallets their own way by painting it or adding some decorative touch to personalise the look and feel of the pallet, depending on how they plan to use it.

If you are looking to buy pallets in Sydney, we can help you with a wide range of pallets available in stock for immediate purchase, with quick delivery guaranteed and affordable pallets costs. And if you are looking to paint pallets, we have put together some tips for you to consider when working on your next project.

Let’s mention the rule of thumb: Paint, Sand, Stain.

Now, here are the tips:

  1. Remember that each pallet is different in a way, as wooden pallets could be sourced from different timer, so if you are painting multiple pallets, they make take the paint differently.
  2. Make sure the pallet’s surface is smooth, as this will make the painting process much easier for you. It should be smooth enough, but not too sanded to make sure it still looks like wood.
  3. Cleaning is an integral part of the project, especially after sanding, make sure there is no dust. To make it easier, use a slightly damp cloth. If you are doing this as an ongoing thing, you can buy trisodium phosphate (TSP). If the surface is not done properly, you might find it difficult for the paint to stick to the surface.
  4. Chip brushes are usually the most recommended, they are cheap and available usually for under $1. Depending on what finish you are after, you might need to choose a special brush.
  5. Use a primer to decrease the porosity of the pallets to avoid an undesirable uneven finish, unless you are after a rustic aged look.
  6. When going for multiple colours, it is better to change the brush. If that is not doable, start from the lightest to the darkest colours.
  7. You can usually apply for 1 to 4 layers, depending on the look you are after, as well as the colour and how the pallet is taking the paint. Wait for the first layer to try before applying more layers.
  8. Finish the project by applying polyurethane, varnish, shellac, or polish to make it shine, unless you are after a matte look.


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