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Old Wooden Crates: How to Use These?

November 19, 2019

Many pallets and crates suppliers sell the old used pallets and crates at better prices, but some crates and pallets’ owners keep them and recycle them in a way or another to add some creativity to the space which adding a vibe of nostalgia to a simpler life.

Whether as decorative home accents, inventive storage solutions, there are various ways to use these wooden crates and pallets and make a very personalised statement in your creative space. Some choose to keep them in their original look, while others might paint them or add some decorations, which varies according to the application. Being one of the leading pallets manufacturers in Sydney, we have put together some ideas on things you can do with your old and used wooden crates.

  • Dog Feeding Station

A pooch perch is easy to make, grab a wooden crate that has a top, cut a circular hole in it to fit your dog’s bowl in it, while the container can serve as a storage for your dog’s little stuff.

  • Accessories Shelf

An old crate can be painted to match your room’s style, where you can put many of your accessories, make-up, perfumes, creams or any other adornments.

  • Filing & Storage

Your old wooden crates can be used in your office to file your bits and pieces, potentially with a chalkboard on the side so it can help you label it. In the kitchen, this can be used to store certain canned goods or spices. This can also be used for wine bottles or as shoes racks.

  • Food Tray

Flip your open crate upside down and add the appetizers or bread on a higher level on your dining table, which adds some cosiness and warmth to your table.

  • Bicycle Basket

What about a unique bike basket made of your used wooden crate? Design it your own way with your favourite colours and customise it with some writings or your favourite quote.

  • Toilet Paper Holder

Add this rustic touch to your bathroom, with some candles on top and toilet paper storage on the inside, a great idea and very unique to your bathroom.

  • Hanging Plants

If you have small wooden crates, start your own little garden or hang your indoor plants in your kitchen or living room.

  • Coffee Table

What about building your own special coffee table using a group of wooden crates with a glass top? It’s certainly a must-have in your patio. Like the DIY ideas but don’t actually own some wooden crates or pallets? Talk to us today and order your used wooden pallets or crates today from your local pallets supplier.