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Need a Reliable Pallets Supplier?

March 11, 2021

Finding a reliable pallets supplier that can cater to your requirements can be difficult, but you can count on the team at Cooperage Pallets. For decades, we have been a popular choice for those trying to find reliable pallet companies and we have been renowned for our short lead time and efficiency.

Despite the Covid-19 disruptions, our manufacturing and distribution facilities have seen massive growth especially with the boom that the e-commerce industry has seen, which is why we had to up the game and meet the changing demands with more efficient operations.

At Cooperage Pallets, we have also seen an increase in demand for emergency pallet deliveries. We do not compromise on quality to meet strict deadlines, but through our experience and dedicated team to improve our facilities to meet the high-volume of demand in pallets, especially the custom pallets. So, what did we achieve, and how?


1.Guaranteed Order Fulfillment

We have been working with existing and new clients to ensure we have the manpower to cater to scheduled as well as emergency orders. Through our manufacturing facilities and delivery network, we can optimally use our assets. We work with experienced logisticians and operations managers who know how to manage emergencies and maximise our production output.

2. Large Standing Inventories

With a massive warehouse facility in Western Sydney, our head office stocks a wide range of pallets of all shapes and sizes to fulfil orders. We have stock that is ready to dispatch for export pallets, timber pallets, plastic pallets, recycled, used pallets and many more.

We pride ourselves on having the shortest lead time for pallets in Sydney and we are always producing pallets for orders ahead of time.

3. Pallet Repair

We have in-house pallet repair and reconditioning facilities backed by decades of experience in the pallets industry. Our team follows the strictest quality control measures.

4. Expert Pallet Design

Cooperage Pallets can design custom pallets for clients who cannot find a suitable pallet for their application from our range of standard pallets. We work with you to ensure our pallets are not only of the best design for your requirements but that they’re of high quality and accurate dimensions.


Cooperage Pallets ticks all the boxes as one of the best pallets companies in Australia, manufacturing and supplying pallets for decades to various industries. We have the experience, production capabilities and service offerings needed to support your business, backed by an outstanding customer service team. Talk to us today to discuss your next project and get a free quote.