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Multipurpose Packing Crates: Simple, Stylish, And Shipping

April 27, 2020

Wooden crates for shipping, timber packing cases, and solid
wooden pallets are still the leaders in transportation packaging. There are
many reasons why they are so commonly used. The most obvious is cost. Even with
a world where resources are becoming more scarce, there have been developments
in the forestry industry for many years that has enabled the production of
plantation timber in a sustainable and economical way. This has ensured that
the production costs of timber pallets have stayed low even with increasing
labour and transportation costs.

Using a natural product is also something that appeals to
many people, and with a focus on repair and recycling of timber packaging
products the industry has proven itself to be aware and responsible. The major
alternative to timber is plastic, and the use of plastic has been an increasing
issue in our community. There is a recognition that plastic use needs to be
managed and this is a resource that is not natural and has a long-term impact
on the environment.

Multi-purpose packing crates are an industry favourite. They
are simply designed, strong, robust, and able to be stacked effectively. They
are used for the transportation of many different types of goods in both
domestic and international markets. Many businesses find them to be an ideal
method of transporting their products because they are easy to source, and you
should be able to rely on the quality of their manufacture if you go to an
Australian based supplier.

Reasons why timber packing cases are used

Many businesses use wooden transportation and storage
products for a range of practical reasons. Some of which are listed below.


Wooden pallets generally have a finish that is not smooth,
creating a rough feel to the outside of the packaging. This can potentially
lead to people getting splinters if the items are not handled properly.
However, because they are rough, they offer much greater grip when they are in
contact with a smooth surface. This is great for anybody involved in moving
wooden pallets, such as warehouse workers and forklift drivers, because you can
be sure the pallets will be placed in a position where they will stay in place.
This is also very valuable if they are to be used in shipping or truck
transport where there is the possibility of them moving inside a container.


Timber has been used over time for merchants moving a wide
range of products because it is a versatile material that can be shaped or used
in designs that allow for the secure transportation of goods. The material
itself is able to withstand heavy knocks and can be compressed and expanded in
hot and cold conditions without breaking or becoming brittle. Wooden pallets
are commonly used because they are reliable and strong. Timber packing cases
are able to take some punishment while being handled, which offers additional
protection to the goods inside, and when lined with water-resistant materials
there is an extra element of protection.


Wooden products tend to be less expensive than the
alternatives. The cost of production has been well managed, and they are
usually sourced from fast-growing plantation timber. It is worth ensuring that any product you purchase is from responsibly
managed resources as there are still countries involved in the irresponsible
destruction of natural forest simply to raise revenue from wood production.
They can be quickly and easily constructed.

Wooden products can get damaged during use, but they are
also able to be easily repaired, rather than needing to purchase a whole
replacement. They are made from different types of wooden boards, which when
broken can be removed and replaced by any person with reasonable timber working
skills as necessary.


Wooden pallets and packing boxes can be resold or reused.
Some pallets and packing cases will be constructed from recycled wooden
materials. If a pallet has been damaged, then timber from other unusable
pallets can be used for repairs. Wooden products should not be thrown away as
they are not only able to be reused for transportation, but the timber can have
other uses or be recycled. It is possible for the used
 to be turned into wood chips, mulch, or paper.

Disadvantages to using wooden materials

It is important to remember that there are some
disadvantages to using wooden materials as well. Some of these have been listed


Wooden materials can be heavier than the alternatives. This
will often add to the freight costs, particularly if you are using air freight


Wooden pallets usually have a rough finish, which can cause
splinters to be a problem. In addition, if they split during transport, then
shards of wood can protrude from the packaging. Other concerns will be nails
and large staples that are used to hold the packaging together coming loose and
sticking out. These are ongoing concerns for any person involved in the
handling of these materials and can be a serious problem if the packaging is
not manufactured or checked properly.


Generally, wooden materials are strong and flexible, making
them ideal for transportation and being moved around using forklifts. However,
wood is an organic material, and there can be flaws in the structure of the
grain and structure of the wood. In addition, over time the timber could be
weakened by use, as well as damp, fungus, and rot.


Wooden packing materials are often roughly finished and
fairly porous. This means that it is reasonably easy for liquids to affect the
timber. This can cause problems with fungus and rot, as well as staining and
bacterial growth. Depending on the liquid that has leaked, there may be other
issues associated with hygiene and cleanliness as well. The wood is not easy to
clean and may need to be discarded as a result.

What to consider when using wooden packaging

Overall, there are usually many more benefits to using
wooden packaging materials than problems. If you are planning to use wooden
packaging, then there are a few things that you can look out for that will help
you in making the best choice.

Are the wooden skids at the base of your packaging placed

The purpose of the wooden skids is to keep your goods off
the ground and to make your packaging easier to move around using transport
equipment. They also provide friction to help prevent your goods from shifting
during transport.

Are any handles suitably placed?

Some packaging is designed with handles, and these need to
be in the correct position for ease of handling. They also need to be attached
correctly and made of a suitable material.

Can your packaging be securely closed?

Whether the packaging is closed using screws or latches, it
needs to be able to remain secure and able to withstand the transportation

Is the general appearance good?

Packaging that has a good design and has been well made
should have materials that look strong, and it should look clean and sturdy
without pieces hanging off it and with square corners. A good structure will
help minimise damage to your goods that can occur from handling during

Are the hinges recessed?

If there are hinges on your packaging, they should be not
sticking out from the packaging as they could get caught while moving around.
This will damage them or even tear them off the packaging. By having any hinges
or handles recessed, you protect them from becoming damaged or broken.

Does the packaging have appropriate labelling?

It is important to ensure there are directional arrows on
your packaging to show how they should be placed. Depending on the types of
items in your cargo, you may also require warnings to ensure appropriate

Do the wooden containers have a water-resistant lining?

You can reduce the potential for damage to your products by
using water-resistant lining and packaging. Even with careful handling, it is
possible for water or liquid to get splashed onto the packaging and then
potentially affect the items inside. Well-made packaging products will help to
prevent this.


If you are considering using wooden packaging, it is
important to choose a professional supplier who fully understands your
requirements. You can select from a standard range of packaging products. If
you have a need for something out of the ordinary, many quality providers will
also be able to customise the packaging to match your specifications.

When you need wooden crates for shipping, then take
advantage of the industry knowledge and packaging design skills of a supplier
like Affordable Pallets. You will have peace of mind in knowing your products
are being protected by quality packaging that has been well designed and
manufactured to high standards. Contact Cooperage Pallets today for premium
timber packing cases.