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Is It Time to Repair Your Wooden Pallets? 3 Signs to Look For

May 12, 2020

Quality wooden pallets should be always kept in good shape to ensure they provide optimal functionality while maintaining the safety standards for the people working in the logistics and transport of the items and ensuring the items are transported safely.

For large warehouses and storage facilities, as well as in factories, this becomes even more important, as this would usually involve heavy duty pallets carrying tonnes in weight, which makes the pallets’ repairs and maintenance even more important, and so it becomes very critical to look out for those signs that your wooden pallets require repairs and identify whether or not the pallets are repairable.

Signs that Wooden Pallet Needs Repairing

1.       Rotten Wood

Logically, if wood has reached a rotten stage, it means it is no longer strong enough or stable, which makes it easily prone to breakage, or potentially erode if liquids are spilled on it, and wouldn’t really be able to cope with heavy items.
You can easily tell if wood has rotted by checking thoroughly for any colour changes, as well as exploring the condition of the boards. If your timber pallets start taking on a darker colour or show signs of cracking or chipping, even if these were heavy duty pallets, do not use them for heavy loads until they are examined and checked by your local pallets supplier or manufacturer, and wouldn’t be considered safe to use until repaired, as they could splinter and break at any time.

2.       Oxidation
When timber pallets get exposed to certain elements, they will go through cycles of expansion and contraction which makes them more dry and brittle throughout their lifespan, making them more prone to breakage.
Oxidated pallets are usually greyish in colour, but since there are many types and species of wooden pallets, it’s usually better to check with your local pallets manufacturer or where you would usually buy your pallets in Sydney.

3.       Flat is FLAT

Quality standard pallets should lie completely flat and flush when placed on the ground, showing absolutely no signs of rocking.

If the wooden pallet shows any signs of rocking or not flushing when placed on a flat surface, this means that the pallet has warped or is damaged, in which case it will require replacement or repair and would not be safe to carry any medium or heavy loads.  This also puts the workers involved at risk.  

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