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How to Save Money On Your Pallet Supply

June 23, 2021

For many factories, manufacturers and retailers, pallet costs are an expense that can’t be avoided – but there are ways you can reduce your overall spend on these products.

If you are looking to minimise costs and optimise your supply chain, check out these tips and tricks from the professionals at Cooperage Pallets.

Used & Recycled Pallets

Used and recycled pallets are sourced from companies who no longer need them, carefully assessed and repaired where necessary to deliver top quality products. They are an affordable option for those looking to save money and are particularly popular with new or smaller businesses due to the significant cost difference to new pallets. They also have the benefit of being readily available, so you can take delivery of them sooner than made-to-order products.

Made by an experienced manufacturer like Cooperage Pallets, they are reliable, safe and in like-new condition.

Repair Your Pallets

Quality wooden pallets should be kept in good working order to optimise functionality and ensure the safety of those working in logistics and transport. Signs to look for that indicate repairs are necessary include rotting wood, cracks, oxidation and pallets that do not lie flush on the ground. If these signs are noticeable, it is time to bring them in for repair.

By repairing old pallets instead of replacing them, you are extending the life of your stock and saving money that would be spent on brand new pallets.

Buy VS Rent

There are many pros and cons to both renting and buying your pallets which need to be deliberated on before making a decision. Your businesses storage, packaging and transport needs will affect what option is preferred.

Renting pallets comes at a lower cost per pallet and the assurance of durability. Buying pallets can also be an affordable and cost-effective option when you consider the downsides of pallet rental, including no ongoing costs, the flexibility of custom pallets that can be optimised for your business and better quality control. Therefore, buying pallets often becomes cheaper than renting in the long run.

With pallet prices likely to stay at a high rate for the foreseeable future, the benefits of these tips should not be overlooked. Talk to Cooperage Pallets today about finding the best pallet solution for your business. Call us on 1300 662 185.