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How to Choose the Best Pallets for Your Business

July 9, 2020

With many varieties of pallets and suppliers available in Sydney, it can be hard for businesses to decide which pallet best suits their needs. It is important to work with trusted suppliers to give you the right advice on which pallets to order for your business since finding the right pallets can be tricky. Cooperage Pallets has put together a simple guide to outline what your business needs to consider when buying pallets to make a sound decision.

When choosing pallets, the first thing you should do is look for the implications and relevance of certain factors. Wooden pallets are classified into two main categories based on their material: hard or softwood pallets. Hard pallets tend to be more expensive and stronger while softwood pallets are generally cheaper and made of materials such as pine. Softwood pallets are usually more readily available and work with kiln drying to adhere to ISPM15 standards required for export pallets.

After deciding on soft or hardwood pallets, you then need to choose which pallet style your business needs; stringer pallets and block pallets. A stringer pallet is a two-way pallet, where three or more parallel pieces of timber make up the frame of the pallet. Block pallets are more robust as they are made for heavier loads and four-way entry.

The most important thing to consider when choosing pallets is the size you need, with many standard pallet sizes to choose from, in addition to custom pallets. The standard pallets include UK standard sizes, Euro standard, ISO standard, CP and more. It is important to check with your shipping provider for what size works best for you as some countries adhere to different standards and have unique specifications.

If you are looking to ship products overseas, you will need pallets that are ISPM 15 certified, heat-treated pallets, which reduce the chances of cross-contamination and the spread of invasive species.

Most pallets suppliers offer new as well as used pallets both have pros and cons, the advantage of used pallets being the lower cost while new pallets are required for heavy-duty products. Based on the project budget and requirements, it’s important to consider both types of pallets.

Selecting the best pallets for your business is crucial to ensure your products arrive at their destination safely. Contact the team at Cooperage Pallets today to discuss your project requirements and budget to get the best advice from a leading pallets company in Sydney.