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How does pallet recycling work?

July 9, 2022

Pallets are an essential resource in the logistics and transport industry and almost any business that transports or receives stock will use pallets at some point. While pallets can be fantastically useful, once they are no longer being used for their intended purpose it’s important to recycle them as quickly as possible. Unused pallets that have been forgotten and carelessly stored can actually form a workplace hazard, representing a fire risk, a trip hazard or even attracting insects and vermin. They can also take up valuable floor space. What’s more, even damaged or old pallets still retain value, and the sooner you recycle them, the more valuable they will likely be. So it’s definitely worth looking into recycling any unused pallets you may have as soon as you have determined you no longer need to use them. 


If you have old, unused pallets lying around, you might be wondering – how does pallet recycling work?


Step 1: Find a pallet recycler

Once you’ve determined which pallets you no longer need, the simplest option is to contact a pallet company that offers pallet recycling services. Cooperage Pallets are experts in second hand and recycled pallets and can assist you with all your pallet recycling needs. The best part is, not only do you get to clear the clutter from your warehouse, but you’ll also receive payment for your old or damaged pallets, giving you an injection of cash in exchange for items you no longer use. 


Step 2: Assessing the pallets

Once your pallets have been received, the next step is to assess the condition of each individual pallet. Undamaged timber slats are retained to be transformed into recycled pallets, while any damaged slats are removed and turned into scrap timber which can then be processed into mulch.


Step 3: Creating recycled pallets 

Finally, the pallets are repaired using new timber slats to replace damaged sections where necessary, in order to create high-quality recycled timber pallets. Each finished pallet is carefully inspected by a team of experts to ensure they are of the highest standard and appropriate for transporting industrial goods or heavy stock. 


Benefits of recycling pallets


Recycled pallets offer a win-win solution for old or damaged pallets. Businesses that no longer require the pallets have them removed and receive some cash back in return, while businesses in need of pallets score a bargain on recycled pallets rather than buying them new. And of course, the environment benefits too, with the undamaged timber elements of the pallet getting a new lease on life and the unsalvageable elements going on to be used as scrap timber.


Other uses of recycled pallets

While most recycled pallets are able to be used again for transportation of stock, pallets that are not quite up to scratch can instead be used for DIY projects such as gardening, furniture making or even artistic creations.  Pallets are endlessly versatile and recyclable, making them a great investment for any business. 


Ask us about pallet recycling today

If you have unused pallets laying around your warehouse, turn them into cash by contacting Cooperage Pallets. Our expert team is experienced in assessing and repairing second-hand pallets to create high-quality recycled pallets. Contact Cooperage Pallets today to find out how much your unused pallets might be worth.