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High-Quality Wooden Pallets: How Can They Help Your Business?

January 18, 2021

There are many different pallet types available, with timber pallets being the most commonly used, followed by plastic pallets. Those who buy pallets in Australia should find a local pallets supplier and manufacturer who can cater for the ongoing business requirements while offering affordable pallets at competitive market rates.

When you buy pallets, you need to ask for advice on which pallets to buy, and whether you should choose timber pallets or plastic ones. Consult your local pallets manufacturer on whether to buy or rent the pallets and which model works better for your business.

But what defines ‘quality’ when it comes to pallets? As a leading pallets supplier in Sydney’s west, we will be discussing the importance of using high-quality wooden pallets:



When comparing plastic pallets to timber pallets, the latter are more eco-friendly since the former is non-biodegradable while wooden pallets are made from trees, which is a naturally renewable source and are also recyclable, making them a better choice for green businesses.

Affordable Packaging

It is more affordable to package timber and wood than plastic. At Cooperage Pallets, we offer custom packaging solutions at competitive rates. Wooden pallets also offer more flexibility at lower costs, since it is easier to have custom timber pallets to cater to a business’ special requirements.


While many people think timber pallets are not durable, this is a big misconception since they are more durable due to their inherent strength if properly handled, stored, and treated. Therefore, they make an excellent choice as export pallets when treated to the ISPM 15 (AS2400) standards.


Because timber pallets are sourced from readily available natural resources, they are easier to find than plastic pallets. This is also because most pallets suppliers hold more stock of the wooden pallets since they are always in demand. Custom pallets are also available from reliable pallets suppliers and manufacturers such as Pallets Express.


If you are looking to buy pallets in Sydney, talk to us today. We also have different services including; pallets repairs and reconditioning services as well as a big stock of recycled pallets.