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Five reasons to invest in custom-made pallets

September 4, 2022

Wooden pallets are famously versatile and a standard pallet is specially designed to be able to protect and transport a wide variety of goods. Their ingenious design makes them perfect for transporting everything from building materials to foodstuffs in the safest and most efficient way possible. However, while for most businesses a standard pallet will do the job just fine, there are certain circumstances in which custom-made pallets can be a very worthwhile investment. Here are five reasons your business may want to consider investing in custom-made pallets.

1. Shipping irregular-shaped goods


While pallets are designed to accommodate goods in a wide range of shapes and sizes, it’s definitely a case of one-size-fits-most, not one-size-fits-all. If you find that the goods you are transporting just don’t seem to fit properly in a standard pallet and you’re having issues with items becoming dislodged, overhanging, or just not fitting right, you may want to consider custom-made pallets. 


2. Shipping heavy goods

While standard pallets are built to be strong and sturdy, if you’re shipping particularly heavy items, you may need a specially designed pallet that has extra strength and durability. It’s never worth running the risk of one or multiple pallets breaking and damaging or destroying items in transit.

3. Make warehouse management easier

One key benefit of ordering your own custom-made pallets is that you can design them to perfectly fit your warehouse layout and stock in order to allow items to be stored in a uniform, standardised way, that maximises the warehouse space available. This makes estimating inventory and managing stock an absolute breeze and can save significant time and space, leading to long-term business savings and increased efficiency. You can even have your custom pallets numbered to allow them to be accurately organised, tracked, and accounted for, preventing stock loss, miscalculations, and confusion.

4. Streamline shipping

If your business transports products that don’t fit on a standard pallet, you’re no doubt spending a fortune on inefficient shipping methods. Investing in custom pallets that allow your products to be transported in pallets instead of boxes can lead to massive long-term savings. 

5. Branding and advertising

When most people think of pallets, they think of them as purely practical and logistical items. But the truth is that pallets are often seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people during the transportation process, from other businesses and employees to potential customers. Investing in custom pallets that are painted with your brand colours and embossed with your company logo and branding can be a smart marketing move, making your existing assets work harder for your business. It’s a similar concept to adding branding to a company car, turning a practical item into a mobile marketing machine. In the same way, investing in branded pallets can actually be a very cost-effective marketing and brand awareness exercise.


Order custom-built pallets from Cooperage Pallets

At Cooperage Pallets, we can manufacture custom-built pallets to suit your unique transportation needs, whether they are for local or international use. We offer a wide range of customisation services including:

  • Painting pallets in your choice of colour
  • Adding your company logo and branding
  • Adding numbers to assist in pallet organisation
  • Making pallets of various shapes, sizes, and strength to suit your specifications

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