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Euro Pallets: Advantages & History

August 13, 2020

Euro pallets have been immensely popular due to their benefits and efficient storage of items. With many companies globally requesting their suppliers to ship stocks with these high-quality pallets, many pallet suppliers and manufacturers in Australia now stock Euro pallets in many different sizes. Euro pallets are authorised by the EPAL organisation and are classified as a four-way pallet type where boxes of items are secured from all four ways. They have many other benefits as well that we have laid out for you below.

Commercial Value

Euro pallets have a greater commercial value for importers than standard timber crates since Euro pallets can be sent directly to customers, or can be exchanged for newly reconditioned pallets.


When shipping products to Europe, Euro pallets are the best pallets to use as many European warehousing and logistics companies have automated material handling systems that are configured to only accept Euro pallets. This means that if you buy pallets other than Euro pallets, they will incur significant costs and delays to transfer products on to Euro pallets.

Disposal Taxes

When shipping products to Europe, the importer will ask you to buy Euro pallets as the European Union’s Packaging Waste Reduction Laws levy significant disposal taxes on pallets that cannot be reused. Euro pallets can be reused, so they are not subject to this type of tax.


EPAL (European Pallet Association) strictly regulates the manufacturing of Euro pallets worldwide, so their manufacturing process is standardised.

ISO Accreditation

Euro pallets are recognised by ISO, among five other pallet types.

Euro pallets have a rich history that goes back to 1991 and is stocked by many pallet suppliers in Sydney and across Australia. Euro pallets were previously made exclusively of wood, but are available in plastic too. Euro pallets are considered one of the safest types of pallets and are considered a high-standard pallet type that is also environment-friendly. If you are looking to buy Euro pallets in Sydney, contact Cooperage Pallets today and get a free quote for your pallets.