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Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Pallets

January 16, 2022

While kicking off 2022 and signing off an extremely successful 2021, although it was a difficult year where we had to deal with Covid-19 as well as massive pallets shortage has struck globally. We decided to list some of the commonly asked questions along with their answers to assist those who are looking to buy pallets in Sydney.


The most common queries from 2022 were related to pallet measurement, heat treatment, among many others. If you have a question that is not listed or need to ask about the cost of pallets, please contact us directly. 


What are the main differences between timber and plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets are usually more expensive to manufacture, while timber pallets tend to have the ability to carry more weight. But, since the latter are made of natural resources, they are susceptible to pest, mould, rot, and insect infestation, they require further treatment to allow them to be used as export pallets. While plastic pallets are more expensive; but, they have longer shelf lives. For a full comparison, please check this blog post.


What are the most important factors to consider when buying pallets?

There is no single pallet that could fit all applications. Before buying pallets in Sydney you will need to consider the following: shipping destination, the weight of the product, life expectancy of pallet, equipment compatibility, and you will need to find a reliable pallets manufacturer. For a full comparison, please check this blog post.


What is the best way to prevent wooden pallets from moulding?

Ensure your pallets supplier is one that you can trust, as many suppliers are not honest or do the required heat treatment prior to pallets delivery. It is always best to buy from a supplier that stocks wood that is freshly cut. You need to ensure that your pallets are stored in a dry space. Mild fungicides can also help, but it is always better to check with your local pallets manufacturer. 


Can we use wooden pallets to transport food?

This will depend on the local regulations but the general answer is yes. Proper timber pallets are good to use of wooden pallets as long as they are sanitised and in a good condition to avoid any contamination during transportation. 


Does Cooperage Pallets custom design pallets? 

YES, that is our absolute specialty. At Cooperage Pallets, we can manufacture custom sized pallets for both local and international trade to suit your exact requirements. Be it the pallet type, size, and style for a particular product, we will complete the job at a competitive price too. 


Is there a better time of year to buy pallets?

With the recent pricing changes and stock issues globally, the best time is right now, as you would never know what will be the situation when you need it. We are glad that the recent disruptions have not affected our pricing and stock, but we can’t predict what the future might bring. Covid-19 has entirely changed the game and the usual seasonal impact is no longer relevant in the 2022 world. 


What sets Cooperage Pallets apart from other providers?

Our business model is not based on single transactions. We work with businesses to build strong relationships to be able to cater for their requirements whenever needed, offering the experience they are looking for and the customer service they need in their business to become their partner in logistics. We don’t just sell pallets, we go above and beyond to be one of the best pallets suppliers in Sydney, with services extending to delivery, export and pallets repairs. Talk to one of our team today