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Why is it cheaper to buy than rent?

Pallet costs are a significant consideration when determining how to minimise your costs and optimise your supply chain.

There are, of course, pros and cons to both renting and buying your pallets and the best option for your business will depend on your packaging, storage, and transport needs.

While renting pallets may have a lower cost per pallet and the assurance of durability, there are some negatives that you need to weigh up:

  • No flexibility in pallet sizes or specifications
  • Outsourced pallet quality control
  • Hidden costs (charges for lost pallets, etc)
  • Working with a large supplier who may not prioritise customer service

Purchasing your own pallets, though with a higher upfront cost, can still be an affordable and cost-effective option, which also addresses the downsides of pallet rental.

  • No ongoing costs
  • Full control of your pallet inventory, which means less wasted time
  • Full control of the source of your pallets, meaning better quality control
  • Complete flexibility of custom pallets that can be optimised for your business
  • Your pallets can be listed as a depreciable asset on your balance sheet

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