Wooden Crates in Sydney

timber crates

Are you looking for a cost effective packaging solution for your goods? We have a range of wooden crates in Sydney to choose from. Crates are open slatted boxes, which are ideal for situations where you don’t need to totally enclose your item. Crates provide a cheaper alternative and can be used locally, nationally, or internationally.

Suitable for both light and heavy weight machinery items, we provide timber crates for goods which do not have to be packed in enclosed boxes. Our crates are made of superior quality wood that is resilient against damage.

Our wooden crates are engineered to meet crating requirements for businesses from different industries. Every wooden crate box is durable and of superior quality to pack and transport goods and merchandise across land, sea, and air freight.

For goods weighing more than 2 tonnes we provide hardwood crates instead of softwood crates. We also offer a number of other packaging solutions including wooden pallets and boxes to meet other business packaging requirements.

You need to consider the nature of your goods and other products before selecting a packaging solution. If you’re not certain and would like to get professional advice, let our experts help you explore other packaging options beyond our wooden crates in Sydney.

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Customised Timber Crates

Years of experience has taught us that ‘no size fits all’ in this industry. We provide our customers with as much flexibility as required through our advanced manufacturing capabilities. We’ve evolved our services to help businesses find the most suitable size and style wooden crates in Sydney.

We provide complete assistance in designing and manufacturing timber crates to your specifications. Whether it is a small or large product, we are capable of providing timber crates that safely store all your goods whilst providing air ventilation.

Our highly skillful team can provide the right packaging solution to meet your requirements, including wooden crate boxes with unique designs to ensure that your storage needs are fully met to support your business growth and success.

If you export machines and other equipment, and are looking for professional crate suppliers, then Cooperage Pallets & Boxes is your ideal solution to streamlining your logistical requirements.

Outstanding Customer Support:

We have built a strong reputation as one of the leading crate and pallet suppliers in Sydney, based on our excellent customer service to each and every client. With customer satisfaction being a top priority, we are driven to provide fast and efficient delivery for all our wooden crates in Sydney.

What distinguishes us from others is our dedicated approach to going above and beyond when serving clients. We have incorporated quality checks for each and every wooden crate box before it is delivered to its designated destination. Our quality guarantee is our promise to our customers.

Our prices are very competitive, so we offer affordable packaging solutions in Sydney without compromising the quality. Explore all the options and let our team guide you through for making the final call.

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