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Wooden Boxes

timber boxes
September 28, 2017

At Cooperage Pallets, our wooden boxes are a robust, high quality packaging solution for the protection and safe transport of all manner of goods.

Wooden boxes can be heat treated to comply with international regulations for export.Our repair service is also available for your wooden boxes that have become damaged or broken in transit.

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Quality Wooden Boxes in Sydney

Wooden boxes are a high-quality solution to many packaging requirements. The rugged and robust nature of wooden boxes offers the much-desired protection to all light to heavy weight items.

Fully enclosed boxes can be made from pine timber boards or plywood. Either of these options provides a secure solution for transporting goods across town, around the country, or for exporting around the world. Contact us  for a free quote for wooden boxes in Sydney.

We immaculately design and create a range of wooden boxes for shipping goods and other merchandise of all types. Our timber boxes are stamped with ISPM 15 standards  which ensures their export compliance.

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Types of Wooden Boxes in Sydney:

Years of experience has helped us to come out with three types of wooden boxed as mentioned below:

  • Plywood Boxes – Plywood boxes are created to manage light weight items. They are suitable for air freight where weight is an issue of concern unlike road and sea cargos.
  • Timber Boxes – Timber boxes are created to transport heavy and bulky items. They offer excellent protection to all the goods and other products during transit. With a waterproof lining, you can make them an ideal solution for sea transport over a period of time.
  • Self-Assembled Boxes – Self -assembled boxes offer excellent flexibility if you have less space for storage bulk volume of goods and other products. However, it all depends on the request of the client since they have comparatively limited scope in hard-core industries.

If you wish to have any of the boxes in Sydney, do not hesitate to connect with us.

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Cooperage Pallets & Boxes in Sydney: A Smart Choice

Over years, many unique packaging solutions have come forth to cater to emerging requirements of businesses. However, wooden boxes continued to remain a preferred choice for export companies for many obvious reasons.

Our sturdy boxes provide resilience and reinforced strength against rough conditions during transit for your goods or products. In case of any damage, we offer repair services for all the offered packaging supplies in Sydney.

Trust our knowledgeable and experienced team of craftsmen to use export-quality wood for all the boxes in Sydney. They are tuned to all sorts of expected and unexpected changes in the field of manufacturing wooden boxes for export to other countries.

With complete compliance to all the standard regulations and standards, we are fast earning the status of No.1 choice of most of the local exporters and many other corporates. So, rest assured that our wooden pallets, boxes and crates are endorsed by many known names in the export market in Sydney.

Bank on us to provide sustainable shipping solutions for goods and products of any size, style or weight. We also provide custom-made products as well. So do not hesitate and reach out to us to learn more about our depth of services in Sydney.

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