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Block Pallets: Advantages and Disadvantages

November 8, 2021

When you are looking to buy pallets in Sydney, it is important to know what works better for your business, which type of pallets would suit your application and operations. This is why as a leading pallets manufacturer in Sydney, we have put together the advantages and disadvantages of choosing block pallets over stringer pallets when it comes to buying timber pallets. 

Let’s first understand each of these: block pallets, as the name implies, are made of timber blocks for support; while stringer pallets feature stringer boards to bear the weight of the unit load. 

Block pallet advantages:

  • Can withstand high weights
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Requires less frequent repairs 

Block pallet disadvantages:

  • They are heavier
  • More expensive when compared to stringer pallets
  • Requires blocks replacement 


When to use block pallets?

Think about block pallets as being a stronger variation of stringer pallets, so you would want them for more heavy-duty applications. They are also more durable and can be reused over time, making them ideal in pallet pooling and rental arrangements.  


When to avoid block pallets?

When you have a tighter budget, consider avoiding block pallets, especially in high volumes where the price gap would be more apparent. Price will also be reflected in fuel cost since they are heavier by nature for obvious reasons. 


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