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February 8, 2021

“How can pallets be interesting?” – you must be wondering. It is never an interesting task to go and find a reliable supplier or manufacturer to buy pallets from. We love pallets, it is what we do, and we believe there is more to wooden pallets than meets the eye.

Those who buy pallets in Sydney are either using them for shipping, storing, or transportation of goods or shipping containers. While the most popular pallets are the timber ones, there are many other types include plastic pallets, recycled hybrid pallets, metal pallets, and more.

Let us look at some interesting facts about pallets:

  1. There are over 3 billion wooden pallets currently in Europe, which is over 4 times the number of people who live in Europe.
  2. Recycling: old and used pallets can be recycled and have many potential applications, including furniture, craft projects, and garden accessories.
  3. Eco-friendly: this is because almost 90% of all pallets are made of wood, which is biodegradable – unlike plastic. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for green businesses.
  4. Economical: when compared with other materials, wood is more affordable, so it offers a cost-effective solution – especially when considering export pallets.
  5. Logistics redefined: pallets have a huge role in how transport and logistics work nowadays, making transportation secure and more efficient than it was before using stacking boxes or crates.


Pallets in Sydney may have exciting applications beyond the warehouse and logistics, but the truth is without pallets, the supply chain would be unreliable when it comes to safety and loading times. If you think about a world without pallets, you need to think about wasted time, workers’ injuries, and damaged shipped products, to say the least.

At Cooperage Pallets, we stock hundreds of timber pallets, plastic pallets, and many others to cater to those who are looking to buy pallets anywhere across the Greater Sydney region. Whether you are looking for shipping and export pallets, standard pallets, used pallets, or need custom pallets, we’ve got you covered. We do not only promise very competitive pallet prices, but also a reliable service that you can count on for your everyday needs. Contact the team at Cooperage Pallets today for any of your shipping pallet or box needs!