13 Unconventional Uses for Wooden Boxes


Wood is a fantastic natural product that has been utilised in many innovative and interesting ways over the centuries. People have been exercising their initiative in taking advantage of the strength and versatility of timber for decorative and practical purposes. Wood is not only strong, flexible, and versatile, but it is also attractive. The colours and grain patterns in wood bring a natural warmth.

One of the special qualities of timber is that it contains a lot of carbon. This has been taken from the carbon dioxide in the air and then used as the building blocks for the trees as they grow. Trees grow at a range of speeds as well. Some trees take a very long time to grow, and they produce a much denser wood that is known as hardwood. Others grow more quickly and are grown in forestry plantations or tree farming, and these are known as softwoods.

People have found many different ways to utilise the qualities of timber. It is used to manufacture a wide range of items and products, and it is also used in the packaging for the storage and transportation of these products. When these items are no longer needed, the timber is often able to be recycled or re-purposed.

Wooden boxes are often used for carrying and storing a wide range of goods, and they also utilised in many different ways other than for their original purpose. They have a very simple design that will provide strength and durability.

Wooden boxes are great for the storage of items as they have a structure that makes them very strong and able to handle a great deal of vertical pressure. Given that they are such a practical item, people have found a few unconventional uses for these wooden boxes too.

Rustic shelving

Now it is rarely possible to have too much shelving. All too often there is not enough storage space, and we need to create some extra. In truth, this might not be so unconventional in that it is not so far from the original purpose of the boxes with them providing an effective storage solution. However, the appearance of your wooden box shelving will be unconventional. They can be stacked on top of each other to create shelving. It has a very rustic look and is highly suitable for sheds and also for lounge rooms if you want something industrial and functional. Due to their strength, they are suitable for storing tools and heavier items, such as tool sets.

Alternative light fittings

If you want to create a very unusual rustic look in your living space, then you can create light fittings from your crates. You can place your light inside the box, and they would need to be hung carefully from the ceiling to ensure they do not fall. Use boxes of different sizes, hung at different heights, and they will give your room a highly unusual look.

Ottomans or stools

Simply place a cushion on top of your wooden box, and you will have a stool that will be strong and practical. It is a great look if you want to create a relaxed rustic vibe. Have a few of them around a coffee table, and you have a great spot for chilling with your friends. Alternatively, you could completely cover your crate with fabric to create an ottoman. This would not only a great spot to sit down and relax but also ideal for resting your weary feet after a hard day.

Wooden planters

This is a great way to use your wooden crates. You can use them simply to hold some pots or you can even utilise larger ones for creating a garden bed. The soil in planters often needs to be replaced after a few years, so you will easily be able to use other wooden crates for the same purpose. You can paint or decorate your boxes in many different ways to create the look to match your garden or your outdoor space. They can be an excellent cheap alternative for a courtyard where you have limited garden space.

Laundry storage

If you need some more space in your laundry, then a wooden box is a hardy option that will withstand most of the conditions in the laundry with ease. If you have teenagers, then your box should be able to withstand any rough treatment they dish out. It does not matter if it takes a few knocks along the way as it just adds a bit more character to it. Most laundry storage is now made of plastic and is not so strong. A wooden box can also be decorated to match the style you want. Maybe you can get your teenagers involved to do something creative with the wooden box?

Lamp base

If you want something really unusual in your living space, then consider using a wooden crate as a base for a floor lamp. It can also provide a small side table for putting things on and if you are clever with the design you can even have some extra storage space inside as well. This will give you a great rustic or industrial look to add to your space.

Coffee table base

You can use your wooden crates as the base for a rustic looking coffee table. If they have some origin stamps on them, it will give it some added character. In addition, if you stand them on their side, you can have some extra storage space as well. There are many different designs that you can choose from to create the table that will fit your style and space.

Fruit and vegetable storage

Now wooden boxes have been used for the storage and transportation of vegetables for many years although recently that practice has been mainly discontinued with the use of cardboard. But that does not mean you should not take advantage of this historic purpose. They are an excellent way to store larger fruit and vegetable items in your pantry or garage. If you want somewhere to store your dirty potatoes, they are an ideal solution. You can also use them in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to put them on some shelving or use them as a heavy-duty storage drawer. They are highly effective, and they will last.

Writing table base

You can have two stacks of wooden crates and if you place on top of them a suitably sized piece of wood, you will have a simple yet highly effective writing table with storage space underneath. This is a great look that has a simple and practical style. This is an excellent idea if you are looking for a more rustic space to get some of your work done, or maybe you have some larger writing ambitions to explore? It will suit you either way.

Pet feeding station

If you have a large dog then you can flip your crate over and cut two holes in the top where you can place a water bowl and a food bowl, or if you prefer, wet food and dry food bowls. Having it up off the floor is an advantage for a larger dog and will help reduce any potential problems with vermin. You can paint it to help make cleaning easier and to add a bit of character to your dog’s eating space.

Pet bed

If you cut down one of the sides of your wooden crate to provide easier access to the inside area, you will have an ideal space for your pet. Simply add a super comfortable cushion or mattress and maybe a favourite little blanket and you have an instant resting space for them to have as their own. It can take a bit of rough treatment from your pet, and if they happen to chew on it, then it is a natural material that should be able to handle some of this punishment over time.

Outdoor storage

If you need a storage solution that can handle the elements, then wooden crates will provide you with an excellent solution. They can be used in many different ways, simply as shelving or built into cabinets, or even offer you a great place to store your gardening or walking footwear.

Retail displays

Wooden crates have become a highly valued resource for retailers in Sydney who are looking for a simple but effective solution for displaying items to customers. Using them as bins to hold products for sale that customers can easily access is a great use for the crates, particularly for hardware stores.

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